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Whether you’re purchasing a home, developing land as an investment, or conducting any other type of real estate transaction in Frisco, a professional property appraisal will streamline the process and establish the fair market value of any property. Most official real estate forms and documents include a line item of the estimated property value, yet only a licensed and certified appraiser is qualified to provide a completely objective evaluation along with a detailed and comprehensive written report.

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Appraisal Reports

What can an appraiser do for you? A licensed professional is avavailbe to assist you with:

  • Buying or selling residential real estate
  • Primary and secondary financing
  • Divorce settlements
  • Estate valuation and probate
  • Estate settlements
  • Pre listing services
  • Foreclosures

Following the onsite assessment and inspection at your location, Brazeal Appraisals can determine the market value of real estate and comply with the regulations set forth by the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices.

Our services include:

  • Detailed sketch of the property
  • Delineation of all rooms and areas
  • Square footage and layout
  • Description of features

The Appraisal Process

The appraisal process includes the research, compilation and analysis of all pertinent data as it relates to your specific requirements. Brazeal Appraisals provides several types of reports on standardized forms.

Interior Inspection

A list of features, amenities and overall condition of the impovements of the property. Property Condition Includes the, property layout, number of rooms; improvements and renovations.

Neighborhood and surrounding areas

An assessment is made on a property’s location to any positive or negative influences as they may (or may not) relate and affect its market value.

Property Classification

Public records are analyzed to confirm sales and make comparisons in the particular Frisco region. A range of public records and sources are used including zoning records, tax data, professional associations and other applicable publications.

Calculating the Market Value

Sales Comparison

In its most basic form, this approach is built on the premise that the market value of a property is partly derived and comparable to surrounding properties in the Subject's area.

Cost Approach

Since the market supportive especially to new homes and takes into account the estimated cost, this approach takes into account and analyzes market trends as defined by two specific elements: Land value and land improvements, minus depreciation.

Income Profit

Generally reserved for valuations for investment properties, including support for market rents determining the market value using the income capitalization approach relies on the perspective that the potential earning power of real estate is significant when calculating its actual value. Income capitalization techniques are used to analyze sales data that measures potential profit and loss.

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Brazeal Appraisals provides complete appraisal services for:

  • Residential properties
  • Multi-Family properties
  • New construction appraisals
  • Condominium appraisals
  • Acreage appraisals
  • Land appraisals

Please call us for more information or for a consultation on your residential, commercial or industrial property.

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